Sunday, February 27, 2011

NW 20th Ave - Part 3 - Smoke House

How could you not love this little building...It actually reminded me of the Dwarf's house from Snow White...The door is quiet low and I imagine most ppl (including myself) would have to duck to get inside and then you would be limited to standing in the center of the room if you wanted to straighten up.

I am told it was refered to as "the smoke house" by the family, but it functioned as much more than that...Yes they would hang the smoked and cured meats in here, but as you can see, it was also where momma stored all her canned foods as well...And please don't panic, I was not silly enough to actually enter the building to obtain the photos of the shelves and mason jars, I stuck my hand through the opening and clicked the camera, hoping for a reasonable photo and praying for no bears or raccoons to come out and eat me lol....It has a door at the back of the room also which leads to a covered area that was open on two sides. I am sure this is where much of the meat and vegetable preparation was done before it was taken inside to be stored.

I had to share this with you...An old bed frame was used to close up part of the fenced area around the house, over the years this sapling has grown around the metal frame work...No opening this makeshift gate now.

Blessings Kelsie

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  1. Fascinating - I love to read about these old buildings. In those days people took so much more responsibility for their food than we do today. I can't imagine the canning and smoking and salting that went on to prepare for the winter.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! You have a great blog.....I to love old barns and houses! My dream is to someday turn an old barn into a home!

  3. I love this post. I love the history. Lots to learn from the past.

  4. Hi Kelsie ~ I'm blopping over from " Farm Friend Friday " to say " Hi ". I plan to check-out your older post since I love old buildings and homesteads. Enjoyed the pics of the smokehouse , it brings back memories of my Grandparents smokehouse. Hope you'll visit my blog this Friday , as I plan to show my Grandparents old farmhouse , barn and buildings.

    ~ Farm Blessings ~

  5. Hi, Kelsie
    I love this blog of yours as well as the other one you have. I have always been intrigued with older buildings of all kinds. When I was in my teens I would ride my horse for miles & be gone all day to old home places. I would always try to find where they would dump their trash & dig around in it! Treasure hunter even way back then. LOL!
    I did find some neat stuff though. Lots of old bottles,fruit jars, old dish pans & etc. I Still have some of them today. :)
    After seeing your blog I may have to start one of my own now too! Thanks for the memories of days gone by.

  6. What a lovely blog! I too, love buildings like this...makes you think how they had to make do with what they had....much of a reality still in South Africa too....we have so many of these types of informal dwellings here still!
    PS I'm going to be your newest follower!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Shel x


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