Saturday, September 24, 2011

Summer Time

I should have posted this a few months ago I guess, but since I am terrified of snakes and we do live in Florida, during the hot summer months I choose not to go stomping around old abandoned home sites with my camera...But rest assured I am itching to get back to it just as soon as we start seeing some cooler weather....Maybe I will have been blessed with a new camera by then also. *hoping*

I appreciate each and everyone of you whom follow this blog and take the time to leave your lovely comments.

Blessings Kelsie


  1. This may just be a fence post,hopefully holding a gate, but to me it means life, people, history. I am not from here but got used to it. Loved going "riding" around with my DH {RIP} as we would come upon old homesteads way back in the woods. I always would wonder who & how their life was back then. I sure miss it.

  2. I love this kind of stuff and always have. Abandoned places just peak my curiosity~ who lived there? What did they do? Did they have hard times? Was there much laughter? I've been following you for a month or two just waiting for you to blog again! Keep it up!

  3. Beautiful lyrics, Christmas is endearing,
    These days I wish peace and happiness come to your house.
    Happy Holidays!.
    a hug.

  4. This is so wonderful. Preserving all the towns history before it is gone! I love old house and always want to know their story. Sadly the foolish town I live in has no respect for it's old homes and they are disapearing fast...
    Lovely Blog!


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